The Ghost Bearing Witness to Signals – life is whispering, are you willing to be the ghost bearing witness to everything in the new ecosystem?

Apercevoir is a dynamic, hybridized bio-installation system. It can perceive its environmental perturbations and convert them into a spatial sound field with location information without the assistance from infrared cameras or sensors, instead data is collected by the system’s cyborg plants.

Throughout the long history of evolution, plants have evolved to sense and react to their environment. Recent advances in plant physiology and electrical engineering has enabled us to deeply understand plants’sensations through their biosignals. We envision that merging digital technology with plants could effectively facilitate human-plant communication, affecting the inherent relationship between humans and nature.

To explore this, we developed a wireless bioelectric amplifier to collect the biosignals of Mimosa. After signal processing and visualization, we observed that the Mimosa could sense the touch, even the air disturbance caused by our movement. Therefore, we trained a classification model by performing time-domain analysis of the signals through the long short-term memory. The model can recognize three states of Mimosa's sensation with high precision. We then developed a cybrog plant comprised of the Mimosa connected to a bioamplifier and can sense human movements and integrated multiple cyborg plants to develop a Bio IOT system that can perceive its surroundings.

Through sharing multiple cyborgs’ biosignals, this system portrays the concept of multiple beings transcending an individual’s physical confines and is capable of perception, feedback, and group decision- making within a wider scope. A particular feature of this system is its interactive bone induction headphones, where the audience can listen to a sound field including ‘vibrations’ of nearby human activities detected by plant cyborgs, and even warnings among the cyborg network responding to foreign disturbance and damage. This sound field invites audiences to close their eyes and listen attentively to plants while the biosignals and changes in sound reveal the presence of other entities in the space.

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