biosensors, electronic part, metal, acrylic, projector, kinect

600 x 300 x 600

plants, stone, metal, computer, electronic device, fog machine
In 2020, Cradle was first showcase at Project Fulfill Art space. In this version, a large indoor ecosystem was constructed within a mechanical cradle, featuring a hanging display of unique Taiwanese moss species using several tons of rocks. Moss, which requires abundant humidity, appeared in the early stages of plant evolution. By detecting the biological signals of the moss, the hybrid installation actively utilized a mist generator to release moisture into the air, regulating the environmental humidity and transforming the human-inhabited space into a suitable habitat for the moss.

While collecting biological information, the amplified electrical currents produced a sound resembling insect chirps, providing an experiential interface for viewers to imagine the life that is being nurtured through audible yet invisible signals.

In collaboration with Dr.Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center

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