Research Fellow at JSPS (DC1) and Sony Computer Science Laboratory (RA)

Kaito Muramatsu is currently a first-year PhD student at the University of Tokyo, specializing in Arts and Science. He has won international accolades including the Rome International Piano Competition and PIANALE International Piano Competition. His performance highlights include solo recitals globally and innovative concerts like “MUSICIENCE”. In composition, he earned the Yoneda Prize for innovation at the Keiko Yoneda International Music Competition. His scientific research focuses on the pathogenesis of focal dystonia and bio-signal analysis in music physicality. He holds roles as a JSPS-DC1 and RA at Sony Computer Science Laboratory and has been featured in Japanese media on such as "レベチな人、見つけた" (TV Tokyo) and “あさチャン!” (TBS TV).


To make the tacit knowledge of pianists physically explicit, he and his
team did a scientific experiment, which showed one typical way of
practicing among pianists unconsciously was close to plyometric
conditioning in terms of the sports field. Also, the findings were used
for him to compose the “ergonomic etude no.1”, which has high effects
and reproductivity on the performers as the future musical education,
not only showing the merits of the kind of abstraction of tacit
knowledge but also questioning what is omitted during whole such


Opening Performance

Publication:Ars Electronica Festival 2023
Piano and Voice performance at the open night stage in Ars
Electronica festival 2023. In the piano part, he performed with
improvisational and compositional attempts, representing “one of the
voices” on the stage and battling with the “agent.”

Classical Piano


Classical performance: this is just an example of Kaito’s piano
performance of classical music. Totentanz S.525 composed by F.Liszt,

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