Youyang Hu, Chiaochi Chou, Yasuaki Kakehi

plants, electronic part, metal, acrylic, speaker
Can we experience the physical world through the perception of non-human organisms?

The connectedness between technique and biological system in the discussion of contemporary media art has provided us with various points of view to understand different life forms. This also allows us to approach the issue of subjectivity beyond anthropocentrism and move beyond the confines of thinking solely in terms of "human communities". In this context, Synplant explores how the intelligent machine-hybrid plant can perceive and process environmental information, and how humans can experience nature from the perspective of multiple plant perceptual entities.

Synplant is an installation consisting of multiple intelligent machine-hybrid plants. Through technical intervention to analyze biosignals, it can read the natural environment from the perspective of plants and translates their experiences into audiovisual expressions that can be experienced by humans. The work uses an artificial intelligence-based learning system to analyze the bioelectrical activity of plants in response to environmental stimuli in order to understand the state of plant perception of wind and rain. Through the utilization of wind and rain as vehicles to bridge different hybrid sensing units, it can create an immersive audiovisual field that represents the trajectories of the invisible interaction of different elements in the natural environment. This work proceeded with a post-human perspective, combining the intelligent machine with the botanical perception viewpoint to extend our understanding of the natural environment and to connect with the land from a non-human perspective.

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