Streams in the Veins 

Chiaochi Chou, Youyang Hu, Young Jun Choi, Kaito Muramatsu

Ars Electronica Center_ Futurelab AI x Music
Streams in the Veins conducts a piano ensemble involving a human pianist and plants. During this performance, the transmission of sound from various pianos leads agents, humans and plants interactions,leading into a continuous cycle of communicative improvisation. This process examines an interactive approach to non-human agency within the framework of interspecies co-creation, specifically through the medium of music. Through our attempts at musical sessions with plants, we were able to experience the temporal differences in the umwelt of plants compared to humans, such as their distinct response times to external stimuli and the resulting differences in perceptual worlds. One wonders what differences lies in attitude that exists between mutually controlling, learning, and influencing one another.

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